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I bring my 20+ years big business consulting experience to equip SME organisations achieve their owners' most important goals.

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David has been a practitioner in business and systems consulting for over 20 years, including nearly 15 years with IBM. David applies his experience, skills and insight to help business leaders, business analysis and business architect consultants, and small business owners, to raise their expectations and achieve results beyond what they previously thought was possible.

"David is a very skilled and pragmatic business consultant. He is an intuitive and excellent communicator capable of operating at many different layers in an organisation. He establishes professional relationships based on offering clear and honest advice and has a wide range of experience to draw on. His contribution is always thoughtful, prompt and appropriate and he was a pleasure to work with. I happily recommend David."

Hannah Baudert
Federal Director at SAP

"David’s unique perspective as a business strategist is the ability to translate vision into reality. He does this through his years of experience in both IT and business which enable him to develop simple elegant solutions that address critical business issues and enable business vision."

Sheila Thorne
Business Architect & Technical Vitality Leader at IBM

"David is the epitome of putting the client first. He is adept at finding innovative, transformative solutions to highly complex business problems. With a very strong work ethic, David is analytical and methodical in his approach, but also brings an entrepreneurial viewpoint."

Terry Sweeny, PhD
Managing Director, Asia at IBM Watson Health

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